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We know time is money in business. At Tim's we prioritize fleet service and repairs to minimize your down time. We can handle your needs from minor maintenance to major repairs. Let's Fix It!


We can help to minimize down time with the right maintenance at the right time with our thorough complimentary Multi-Point fleet inspection every time you come in.


We are dedicated to serving your needs so that you can take care of your customer’s needs. 

Here are some benefits when you set up a fleet account.

  • FLEET FIRST...Industry leading turnaround time.

  • Reduced Fleet Labor Rates.....We have a base discount labor rate to start, but if we're not up to par compared to the other guy, let’s talk!

  • Under Factory Warranty? No problem, we'll keep track of that as well so if you’re in for a problem or have a recall covered by the manufacturer we'll get it handled. We'll do the service and make arrangements for factory covered repairs at the dealer if needed. We can help save you the trip.

  • Fleet Employee Benefits...fleet rates are extended to your employees! 

  • One stop service & repair. Big or small job we can do it. Need help getting tires or glass repaired? We have those connections as well. From paint repair, dent repair, glass, interior repair...we work with local, licensed & established vendors or your own preferred vendor while your money maker is in the shop saving you even more time and money. Let us help get the odds and ends marked off the list.

  • Need help tracking your maintenance, let us know and we'll do it for you! 

  • Extended warranty and fleet maintenance management friendly. We know how to work with national fleet accounts. Let us make the calls for you. Our staff has decades of experience working with all types of fleet management companies, so we know the hurdles. 

  • Nationwide service and repair reporting free through Tim's and Carfax Service History. So if you’re in Washington for a month on a job, stop for an oil change and they want to service the transmission you just need to say "Show Me My Service History" or look it up yourself with a FREE Carfax Service History Account. Be sure it's needed! Click on the Fox at the top of the page for additional information! 

  • Tim's has long standing reputation in the community. Helping customers cars stay on the road for over 25 years your satisfaction is our goal. 

Contact Jeff Shawver at 208-465-5300 or He really wants to earn your business!

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